Capture the Flag at Copper Mountain 

Capture the Flag!    Play Outside the Box!
Camp Powder Gap officially incorporated in January of 2015, with the mission of starting a new residential adventure camp in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. On July 31st, 2016 Camp Powder Gap made its first public appearance by bringing a ski mountain town twist to an incredibly epic game of Capture the Flag by taking over all of Copper Mountain Ski Resort's Center Village and adjoining Burning Stones music venue as our Capture the Flag playing field for the day!
The day of the event, competitors were placed on one of two teams that scoured Copper Mountain to find their opponents' flags!
Multiple flags were used for each team, creating a greater challenge and extended game play! Prizes such as Icelantic Skis, Copper Mountain ski lift tickets, hundreds of dollars in cash (literally), and other miscellaneous goodies were placed strategically across Copper Mountain! Euforquestra and Live Kareoke Kings took the stage, and a Silent Auction was held - all in attempts to create a fun new way to get people to reconnect with the outdoors while supporting the goal of raising operational funds for
Camp Powder Gap's continued growth!


** Please Note: Those of you that came out to support us in all of our grit, passion, determination and fun - therefore allowing us to continue pursuing this long-term dream - WE THANK YOU! If you are interested in taking part in our 2nd Annual Capture the Flag competition please feel free to contact us at [email protected]
for more details. We look forward to seeing you there!

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a Colorado limited liability company
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Capture the Flag Official Rules (Unabridged)
Capture the Flag Playing Field Map
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Eufórquestra   (pronounced yoo-FOHR-keh-struh, think euphoria+orchestra)
Energy and rhythm personified. An ever-evolving sound that has been influenced by music from all over the world with an emphasis on funk, pocket and groove.

"Road Funk"